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We are the industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of premium cannabinoid products for dogs, cats and horses.

Our Pet Products

Manufacturer and Supplier of Premium Cannabinoid Pet Products

Pet Tinctures

Our Relief Tincture for dogs contains a proprietary blend of cannabinoids (CBD, CBDV, CBN & CBG), wild Alaskan salmon oil, and essential oils of lavender, sandalwood, cayenne, and peppermint to support canine comfort and health. We use only the finest ingredients and GMP hemp extract in our tincture formulations because we know how important your furry family members are.

Pet relief CBD Tincture

Pet CBD Inhaler

This unique delivery system has proven very effective in use by veterinarians over the last few years. Our inhalers have extraordinarily high bioavailability (the proportion of medicine used by the body). A 0.5mg dose of CBD via inhalation into the highly absorptive lungs can be more effective than several milligrams orally ingested. Our pharmaceutical grade, pressured, metered dose inhalers have a light, natural vanilla flavor.

Pet CBD Inhaler

Transdermal Patches

Our transdermal patches provide long term, time released effectiveness. Each polyurethane patch uses a water based adhesive. Delivery starts at 30 minutes and lasts for 18 hours. Available in two varieties with 24 mg CBD per patch or 12.25 mg glucosamine and 2.5 mg Chondroitin per patch.


Dog Treats

Our peanut buttery, heart shaped treats are sure to please your dog. Each bag contains 25 treats with

5 mg of hemp extract in each treat. This low dose enables you to manage your pet’s care with measured calculations depending on the weight of your pet. We use only the finest natural ingredients with no added salt, meat by products, corn, soy, or artificial colors or flavors in our formulation because we know how much you care for your furry family.


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